Buy My Debt!

Buy My Debt!

Debt is Bullshit

Why the hell not?

These folks did it:

Medical debt is bullshit. I mean, our entire capitalist system is bullshit, including student & tax debt at least for the only people whose lives really can get destroyed by it all which as it turns out is rarely, if ever the wealthy.

Debt is essentially a ponzi scheme truly benefitting only those with connections, money, no morals or all of the above, but medical debt specifically is utterly evil in an allegedly modern, western democracy and as it turns out, unique to the United States.

I got very sick, through no fault of my own and now have so much medical debt it’s an absurdity. Its become just an abstraction at this point. Something I know I’ll never be able to pay off and combined with the back tax debt I have, likely won’t ever be paid back before I leave this mortal coil. But all of my debt, while crushing to me is merely a rounding error to banks, giant corporations and billionaire individuals who, because our rapacious capitalist society is structured to favor the wealthy, can hide their taxes in the Caymans, etc. and who have an entire political party, the GOP whose raison d’être is to drive down taxes for the ultra rich & support the American oligarchy.

People like the Mercers, the Kochs and the Sackler family, those moral vacuums who knowingly, single handedly initiated and promoted the outrageous opiate addiction crisis in this country, all because while they were already billionaires, they couldn’t resist their own greed for more, more, more!

So, yeah fuck my debt, fuck your debt. Pay what you can, ignore the collectors and live your life. Don’t let the modern day robber barons guilt you into having the morals that they themselves have never had!